VIT Chennai was established in 2010 by Dr G. Viswanathan, a former parliamentarian and a profound minister in Tamil Nadu Government. Mr Sankar Viswanathan, Dr Sekar Viswanathan, and Mr G.V Selvam are the Vice Presidents of our institute. VIT Chennai, the top engineering college in India, aims to provide a world-class education that imbibes strong ethical values in our students to gain a competitive edge over others. Our mission is to maintain an intellectually stimulating environment for students to learn professional ethics and push them out of their comfort zones to reach heights of success. VIT Chennai offers 19 Undergraduate, 18 Postgraduate, 03 Integrated M. Tech and Research programmes. In addition, full-time PhD in Engineering and Management disciplines, PhD in Science and Languages and Integrated PhD programmes in engineering disciplines are offered. And several other Diploma courses in management, arts, engineering, and law. Hence, graduating from VIT Chennai: the best engineering college in Chennai, will promise you a bright future in the industry. The faculties have exceptional skills training students and years of experience in the field. They hold the perfect blend of knowledge, industry experience and research skills. We believe in fostering an environment that helps to brainstorm creative ideas and be the place where students find their voice.


The VIT School of Law (VITSOL), the progeny of VIT University is one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai. It entered the legal arena in 2014, aiming at high goals to be achieved. The Law School aims to impart quality legal education to equip the young minds with knowledge of law, teach them the nuances of the legal profession and make them aware of the nitty gritty of the profession. As one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai, VITSOL believes in continuous and active learning simultaneously with practical training. Legal education is not about just mastering the subject or the varied provisions of the law. It is about providing opportunities for the overall development of an individual into a legal professional. Studying law at VITSOL is a unique experience, true to its reputation as one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai. It offers the blend of all features of quality education. The Law curriculum has been structured in such a way that the students will have an opportunity to have a specialised knowledge and insight in the particular branch they are interested in along with overall knowledge in all other subjects. This gives the students an edge over similarly placed undergraduates. Research driven learning is another speciality of VIT School of Law. At VITSOL, a knowledge-oriented approach takes the lead over memory based learning and evaluation. The course is designed to encourage the mooting abilities, oratorical skills, interpretive and analytical skills of the budding lawyers by conducting periodical Moot Court and other law centric activities. To improve the advocacy skills, the school runs moot court and debate societies. Through these societies various International /National level programs are conducted. The school regularly organizes Moot Court Competitions, both in national and international law, National level debate competitions, International / National Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, and Legal Aid programme, positioning us among the best Law Colleges. The knowledge of teaching faculty is enhanced or updated through Faculty Development Programmes conducted periodically.